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Cutting Foreign Aid: How Dummies Fix the Budget

Foreign Aid's Value Examined

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While I don’t philosophically agree with “paying countries” to be nice to us or giving aid to countries that otherwise don’t “need” it, I do realize a good investment when I see it. And as cynical as it sounds, $29 billion is a good investment. Especially if you consider how much influence we have in this world; it’s downright cheap.

Why Politics Is Your New Hobby

It's Time To Pay Attention

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The last four years have been hard. It’s actually made me rethink my feelings on the “The Matrix”. (yeah, I’m going there) If you think about it, once you start understanding how the world works, it’s like you’ve been unplugged from the Matrix. You’ve spent over 20 years floating through life like a jellyfish, and it’s been nice.

Obama's Magical Listening Tour


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Before President Obama went on his 11 day vacation to Martha's Vineyard, he put in a three day work week in America's heartland. Each night, he decided to reflect upon those days with an audio diary. has obtained copies of those diary entries and have shared them here.

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