Barack Obama Never Sounded So Good

Barack Obama Never Sounded So Good

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When it comes to Obama impersonations, the gamut is wide open.  You can find popular ones that aren’t terribly good, funny songs that are little more than spoofs, or the occasional good find.

But let’s be honest; most Obama impersonations out there are rough.  Really, really rough.

Take what’s considered passable on the nationally broadcasted Saturday Night Live:

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More importantly, when you do find a “good” impression of our 44th president, it sounds incredibly scripted.  So much so that it’s hard to find one that really floats above the rest.  They all meet their quotas of “Let me be clear” and “Look.”  There are sufficient amounts of stammering.  But in the end, they’re hardly remarkable.  Which is why the popular ones often have a hook to them, whether it be a song or something clever going on in the background.

So imagine my surprise when tuning into the Rick Amato show one September night and being introduced to Phil Cambre (rhymes with Toyota Camry).  Phil, like many others, does an impression of President Barack Obama. What sets Phil apart is that he does his “on the fly”.  What’s this you ask?

Phil Cambre not only does (an at least) 75% accurate impression of President Obama, he does it with no script.  No safety net.  No hook.  No clever gag to fall back on.  In short, Phil Cambre can call into a radio station and pretend he is our nation’s president for 20 minutes straight.

That takes talent, and I admire that.  Phil’s given me permission to share one of his phone interviews with San Diego’s Rick Amato.  You can find the entire show that this “interview” came from along with a generous archive of Rick Amato’s previous broadcasts here.
For now I’ll leave you with this (somewhat lengthy) audio performance that Phil Cambre recently did.

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Photo Credit: Chad Davis

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