Obama to Address the Tragedy in Tucson

Obama to Address the Tragedy in Tucson

So… Our president is going to speak to us tonight.  In just a few hours, actually, about the tragic events that took place last weekend.  I’ve been thinking about what he would say for quite some time now.  With most other presidents, you wouldn’t really have to wonder.  There’s practically a templet used for presidential speeches regarding terrible disasters.  You can swap out words and phrases, but essentially they all say the same thing.  But… Most presidents don’t have to have beer summits.  And I don’t really recall one during my lifetime who was so fond of teachable moments.  Or shout outs to their homies before addressing a mass shooting on an Army base.  So… I’ve been wondering.

Most indicators suggest that President Obama is going the Clinton route and rising above the political fray tonight.  This seems to be bringing him much praise, but I’m puzzled as to why. Since when do we give out gold stars for doing the most basic of decent things?  Has our culture devolved to such a point that you’re exceptional if you don’t push somebody in a wheelchair down a flight of stairs?

I’m glad that our president will not use tonight’s speech as a political weapon, but what does it say that we’d even have to wonder?


President Obama has given the speech, and the transcript is here.

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