Must Watch Video: Attack Watch

Must Watch Video:  Attack Watch

Our president’s reelection campaign has hit a new low, folks.  The people who brought you “Hope and Change” have switched it up this cycle and brought us “Tell on Your Neighbor”.  I kid you not.  The Obama campaign has a website called where you can basically snitch on your fellow citizens.  The site serves two immediate purposes that I can decipher.

Purpose 1:  Dispel the “lies” that Republicans tell on President Obama.  (okay, that sounds normal)
Purpose 2:  Tell on people who talk badly about the president, even if it’s a coworker.  (wait, what???)

Here’s how it works.  You go the website’s snitch page, and you tell them what the “attack is”, where you heard it, and provide a link to it if possible.  I suppose since this website is highlighting their practices, we could qualify as an example.  Here’s what it looks like:

I have two thoughts on this, myself.

One:  Imagine the howling you would hear from every outlet of the media, if George W. Bush’s campaign had done this.  Could you imagine what they would say about Dick Cheney and Karl Rove?  Also… I wonder what the New York Times headline would look like.  For that matter, what would Paul Krugman say?

Two:  This could be a very scary thing.  Didn’t Woodrow Wilson ask people to tell on each other during WWI?  But I digress….  Instead of this being as scary of a thing as it could have been, a groundswell of citizens have come out of the woodwork to mock, undermine, and expose  And that, folks, is the 1st Amendment at work.  Check out this video from a group that calls themselves MisfitPolitics.  They cranked out an amazing video within less than 24 hours of this snitch site coming to light.  Someone should report THAT to  And then someone should report it to the Jobs Czar.


Also… for taste of just how awesome their citizen journalism has been, check this out… Their mockery of is on the first page of Google search results multiple times.  Good work, guys!

Note: Their video is in the “Blaze” and “Washington Post” results, among others.

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